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When we think about Silkroad, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Jangan town, the adventures that await beyond its gates, those lonely trade roads where danger awaits at each turn, the emotion behind killing your first Mangyang as the sun sets. If you miss those times, join us and let's relive our Silkroad Memories!

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Server Rules - Please Read and Acknowledge

DISCLAIMER: These rules are subject to change at any time.

1. Bot usage is strictly forbidden.
2. Only the keypresser provided by the SRO-Memories team is allowed.
3. Exploiting any in-game bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban on first offence.
4. You are also not allowed to abuse trade goods in any way.
5. Advertising other servers is forbidden.
6. Selling accounts and/or in-game items/gold for real money will result in a permanent ban.
7. Disrespecting any religion and/or racism towards other players is strictly prohibited and will result in a 3 days ban on first offence.
8. Flaming any of the staff members will result in a 10 days ban on first offence.
9. HWID/IP limit is 1.
10. Job limit is 1.
11. Keep drama off of our Discord server.
12. Do not spam our Discord channels.
13. Hosting any in-game events without prior consent from staff members is strictly prohibited.
- You are allowed, however, to host events for your guild/union.
14. Hacking/scamming other players is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
15. Modifying any game files without our written permission will result in a permanent ban.
16. Getting uniques stuck so that they won't spawn mobs or attack you is against the rules.
17. Harassing other players by targeting them in any of the events that we host is strictly prohibited.
18. Do not share your login information with anyone. We are not responsible for what happens to your account if you do.

Please read and make sure these rules are acknowledged before you start to play. If you have any questions regarding any of them feel free to contact the staff members for clarifications.

Please note that for the rules where a punishment is not listed, we reserve the right to decide said punishment on-the-go depending on the rule you broke and the impact it had on other players.

We also reserve the right to ban abusers/exploiters/offenders even if the exploit/abuse/offence is not specifically listed in the rules. Please use your common sense when doing something and have other players in mind. We aim to create a great community with wonderful people and we won't stand for anything less than that. Not knowing the rules or saying "oh but that wasn't listed" is not an excuse.

Added 2021-06-21 14:26

Important Notice

Please make sure to join our Discord channel for the latest news and updates. The website will serve mostly as a registration, download and voting platform and will not be updated regularly. Best way to know exactly what's happening and when is through Discord.
Added 2021-06-04 16:31